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About the F.L.F.F.

It all started with a dream to make fitness accessible and affordable for everyone. Joining the IF3 made a lot of sense to use as they are also realizing a big vision: making the sport of functional fitness accessible for everyone with the end result of making it an olympic sport. Fitness should be for everyone regardless of age, sex, ethnic origin, level of fitness or impairment and at the FLFF we work tirelessly towards that goal.

Our Team

Meet the Team

Top manager office

Mandy Loes


Top manager office

Sybille Blitgen


Top manager office

Laurent Gallinaro

Secretary General

Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Fitness Fonctionnel
One Passion, Many Abilities

As one of the most innovative federations in Luxembourg, Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Fitness Fonctionnel is the ideal destination for athletes specialising in functional fitness. Since 2021, Mandy and Sybille as well as their team, have worked hard to go the extra mile and create a sports federation focusing on inclusion and community.

Disabled Athletes in Sports Hall

Safe Space for All

Gym Equipments

Professional Approach


Personalized Attention

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