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Sport Exercise

Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Fitness Fonctionnel

One Passion, Many Abilities: Inclusion through Sport


The Luxembourgish Association of Functional Fitness (FLFF) is a non-profit association which seeks to develop and unite the practice of this sport on Luxembourgish territory. We are recognized by the international federation (IF3). We love Functional Fitness as a sport and want to provide it with a structured and honest framework. We are convinced that Functional Fitness deserves to be recognized as a sport in its own right independent of existing federations.


The Sport

The scheduling of events in IF3 international competitions follows the following approach:

The types/characteristics of the tests are known but their contents vary and are unknown (the actual movements, repetitions, loads, durations, etc. change with each competition).

The tests are created with the aim of highlighting various aspects of physical fitness and allowing athletes to express their abilities in these different categories.The tests are created by the programming committee for each competition.All tests are then carried out and tested for safety, reliability and effect well before the competition date.The final competition testing protocol is sent to the board of directors for final approval. Competitive programming in FLFF competitions will therefore follow the same approach in order to respect the quality and safety standards recommended by IF3.

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